The word Omalanga is derived from the Ovambo Tribe's language and means "Impala". For us the Impala stands for beauty, strength and swiftness, and in our view is one of the most graceful antelopes on the African continent, which is why we have chosen the Impala as our company logo.

Omalanga Hunting Safaris

We offer sustainable & well balanced hunting safaris

Established in 1995, Omalanga Safaris is today one of the premium hunting operations in Namibia. Our reputation builds on the experience of Gunter Schwalm as professional hunter and the unmatched hospitality and personal attention that create this special ambience of our camps.

We love to share with our clients what we love the most: ranging the untamed bush-veld with its multitude of vibrant and elegant game roaming the open plains and the beautiful unforgettable star-spangled nights at the campfire. Our tented camps certainly offer more than just accommodation. They are part of the way of living, you‘ve been dreaming of so long.

And the core of “hunting Omalanga style“ of course is our attitude towards our favourite sports, our dedication to sustainability and the fair chase that results in outstanding trophies.

Including our exclusive concessions, the total hunting area available for our clients exceeds 250,000 acres. More than 20 species of plains game and the Big Five (only as declared problem animals) promise a safari you will never forget.

Our experienced professional hunters and hunting guides are not only committed to your success, but will also share their knowledge of the African wildlife with you.

Beyond this website you find us at mayor hunting exhibitions for a more personal impression.

Omalanga Safaris is very proud to be Krieghoff‘s sole Hunting Partner in Africa. At Omalanga, you have the opportunity to hunt with Krieghoff Classic double rifles or the new Semprio repeating rifle. Both are available in various calibres.