The word Omalanga is derived from the Ovambo Tribe's language and means "Impala". For us the Impala stands for beauty, strength and swiftness, and in our view is one of the most graceful antelopes on the African continent, which is why we have chosen the Impala as our company logo.

Top Trophies & Medals

Maintaining a sound and well balanced game population and excellent trophy quality are just two sides of the same medal. Our attitude towards sustainability and ethical hunting results in trophies that feed the tattle at the campfires and that form memories that take you back to those wonderful days in Africa.

Below are some of the outstanding trophies our clients collected during recent years:

Black Wildebeest 62.00" 157.5 cm
Blesbok 19.00" 48.5 cm
Blue Wildebeest 51.00" 129.5 cm
Common Impala 27.00" 68.5 cm
Eland 42.00" 107.0 cm
Kudu 64,75" 164.5 cm
Oryx Bull 41.00" 104.0 cm
Oryx Cow 44.00" 112.0 cm
Sable 44.00" 112.0 cm
Springbok 17.00" 43.0 cm
Waterbuck 33.00" 84.0 cm







Please understand that we can not guarantee for equal or larger trophies.